Drosera cistiflora

Poppy Flower Sundew

Drosera cistiflora is a large sundew found in South Africa with a unique growth habit and some of the largest flowers in the Drosera genus. This species grows extensively across the Western Cape and in parts of the Eastern and Northern Cape provinces; both in montane and low-lying habitats. It is a winter-growing species, emerging from dormancy with a flat rosette of ovate leaves and quickly forming an erect stem carrying numerous thin, long leaves along its length, terminating in an inflorescence bearing a small number of gorgeous, large flowers. Flowering typically occurs in Spring and seed set occurs near dormancy where the entire vegetative part of the plant dies off and the plant survives as thick roots underground through the dry Cape Summers. Flower colours include a range of white, pink, lavender, purple, red, yellow, and gradients within that. Drosera cistiflora contains a species complex with much taxonomy and old synonyms to be resolved.

Drosera cistiflora inhabits a wide range of habitats in both Fynbos, Renosterveld, Strandveld, and other vegetation types. Moisture levels, elevation, and soils vary greatly between habitats. Growth typically occurs between June and November.