Drosera ericgreenii

Eric Green’s Sundew

Drosera ericgreenii is an elusive stem-forming rosette sundew found in a small part of the Cape Mountains near Franschoek and Stellenbosch. This species forms long, hairy semi-erect leaves on a short stem close to the ground, growing in short fynbos vegetation on hillsides at 800-1100m asl. 

This species flowers early in Summer, producing a characteristic densely hairy-based inflorescence bearing several pink flowers. After flowering the plant dies back to a green resting bud at the end of the stem, this dormancy carries the plant through the hot, dry summer. Growth resumes when conditions improve. This is different to the geophytic winter-growers like Drosera cistiflora that die back to the roots.

Drosera ericgreenii is named after Eric Green, a significant contributor to the cultivation and discovery of Cape sundews.