Drosera x ?

Hybrid Sundews

Cape Drosera hybridise somewhat regularly in the wild, producing numerous unusual and unique forms. They tend to occur between species growing nearby one another, unsurprising as many of the sundews have a similar pink flower. Winter grower hybrids also pop up, even across flower colour boundaries.

Some known hybrids include:

  • Drosera glabripes x aliciae
  • Drosera glabripes x xerophila
  • Drosera capenxis x admirabilis
  • Drosera admirabilis x ramentacea
  • Drosera coccipetala x zeyheri
  • Drosera cistiflora x liniflora

This list is not exhaustive and parentage could go either way. Many horticultural hybrids exist, such as Drosera capensis x cuneifolia which would be unlikely to occur naturally.