Drosera liniflora

No Common Name

Drosera liniflora is an unusual, ledge-dwelling member of the Drosera cistiflora species complex. Found in the mountains stretching between Worcester and Citrusdal, this species is partial to growing on moss banks and ledges of steep rock faces. Like other cistiflora types this species forms a basal rosette and a tall stem bearing numerous narrow, long leaves, terminating in an inflorescence. Apart from living on the edge, this species is notable for its small flowers relative to other cistiflora types, often only reaching 2.0-2.5cm across (4-7cm in other cistiflora). Flowers typically bear pink or white flowers without dark centres in the latter.

Like most winter-growing sundews, Drosera liniflora inhabits seasonally wet habitats, emerging in Winter and flowering in Spring before going dormant again. Massive colonies have been observed on some cliff faces making for an amazing sight.