Drosera ramentacea

Branching Sundew

Drosera ramentacea is a large, elusive, stem forming sundew from the mountains of the Cape. Found from the Cape Peninsula, Hottentots-Holland, Riviersondorend, and Langeberg mountain ranges this xeric sundew follows an unusual distribution, straying further from the coast than many other drier growing species. This species grows in a rosette fashion but forms a woody stem with time, growing large, elliptical leaves on equally long, round petioles. It is larger in stature than many of the perennial sundews yet remains fairly uncommon and hard to find. 

This species inhabits relatively dry soils on the Southern slopes of mountains, growing amongst dense fynbos vegetation. Flowering occurs in early summer producing numerous pink flowers on a branched inflorescence. Harsh summer conditions can force plants into dormancy or at least halting growth.