Drosera rubrifolia

No Common Name

Drosera rubrifolia is a stunning, rare rosetted sundew species from the Cape sundew group. It is found near Ceres, Bainskloof Pass, and in the Hex River mountains. As the name implies it has intense red leaves reminiscent of Drosera slackii. It grows as a rosette with wide, bare petioles and a round, indented leaf. 

This rarity can be found in peat or organic detritus coated rock faces with permanent running water, and only in mountains. The plants are perennial and flower in Summer with numerous pink flowers. Alexander Dietrick can be credited with rediscovering the species near Ceres as the type locality was never shared. A second locality was discovered by a teenage grower from Cape Town, highlighting the value of citizen explorers in discovering new plants and places!