Drosera slackii

Guitar Sundew

Drosera slackii is a beautiful red rosetted sundew from the coastal Overberg region. This spectacular species can be seen in the mountains from Rooi Els to Stanford. As the common name implies it has leaves that somewhat resemble a guitar in shape with a bare, wide petiole. Most of the plant is red, including abaxial hairs and stipules, a unique trait for Cape native sundews. 

D. slackii is partial to peaty seepage areas that remain wet year-round, often in exposed areas. It can be found with Drosera admirabilis, aliciae, and capensis, as well as Roridula dentata and Utricularia sp. Like many perennial species, flowering occurs in summer producing numerous pink flowers on a tall inflorescence. The species is named after the late Adrian Slack, a well known carnivorous plant breeder and author of well-regarded books on their cultivation.