Drosera trinervia

Small Sundew

Drosera trinervia, the small sundew, is without a doubt the most common and widespread sundew species in the greater Cape Floristic Region. This diminutive winter grower rarely exceeds 3cm in diameter, growing in a flat rosette with green or red oblong leaves featuring the characteristic 3 prominent veins on the abaxial surface (tri-nervia) that can easily be seen on newly unfurling leaves. Leaf width can vary by location, and sometimes they bear short white hairs on the abaxial surface.

Winter-grower is used loosely for this species as it often starts growing earlier, and can go dormant much later, than many winter growing species. It inhabits a multitude of habitats of varying moisture levels including peat bogs, streamside, moss banks, sandy flats, lawns (really!), and so on. Mountains and lowland areas are both loved by D. trinervia. Flowering occurs in late winter to early spring, bearing a small number of white or pink flowers on a short inflorescence.