The Sundews

Drosera, or sundews, are carnivorous plants found around the world, famous for trapping insects with their sticky mucilage!

The Cape region is home to many charismatic species, including cultivation staples such as capensis, aliciae, and admirabilis.

This page is a work in progress as I create new species profiles.

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Drosera acaulis

Drosera admirabilis

Drosera alba

Drosera aliciae

Drosera capensis

Drosera cistiflora

Drosera cistiflora red

Drosera cistiflora yellow

Drosera coccipetala

Drosera cuneifolia

Drosera ericgreenii

Drosera esterhuyseniae

Drosera glabripes

Drosera hilaris

Drosera hybrids

Drosera liniflora

Drosera pauciflora

Drosera ramentacea

Drosera regia

Drosera rubrifolia

Drosera slackii

Drosera trinervia

Drosera variegata

Drosera venusta

Drosera xerophila

Drosera zeyheri